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Sean Walsh

Sean is a Bay Area native born in San Francisco. He spent his youth traveling to open houses and meeting clients with his father who was also a Bay Area Real Estate Agent for many years. This peaked his interest in sales and the Real Estate world at a very young age. Sean attended college in the North Bay. He then leveraged his love of sales to take a role managing a luxury sales team to extraordinary heights. Once he had the real-world sales experience he made the jump into the Real Estate world. His passion for the East Bay and seeing the look on a clients face when they are handed the keys to their new home has made this his dream career. Sean takes no greater joy than knowing he has made a lifelong dream come true.
Sean is currently living in Oakland with his wife Tami, 8 year old son Connor, 20 month old son Jayden, dog Bella, and cat Gnocchi. He is an avid outdoorsman who loves to take advantage of all that the Bay Area has to offer. One of his favorite activities is to play a round of golf with his friends or head up to the Oakland hills with his son and dog for a long afternoon hike overlooking the Bay. When he has a rare free weekend you can expect him to take the short trek to Tahoe for some snowboarding or fishing depending the time of year. His passion for all the Bay Area has to offer is electrifying.
Sean specializes in transforming your home into a Luxury Residential listing, through elevated design choices and custom curated staging.  Your home will impress buyers from the moment they step though the door. He believes that he can best serve the city where he has lived and retains strong ties to the local community. Having that local market knowledge and ties to the community will make all the difference when he puts your newly transformed home on the market.

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